Programme 2023/24

If you require transport telephone 01926 812573. Programmes available on request.

Admission £3 per meeting

Wednesday 13th September 2023 (7.30 pm)

Southam Ear and Eye Hospital
Linda Doyle

Wednesday 11th October 2023(7.30pm)

History of Kaye & Nelson Cement works

John Frearson

Wednesday 8th November 2023 (7.30pm)

Warwickshire Home Guard

Davide Morse

Wednesday 13th December 2023 (7.30pm)

“Bring and Tell” & Christmas Social

Members evening with refreshments

Wednesday 10th January 2024 (7.30pm)

Experiences of a Local Conservation Structural Engineer

Clive Haywod

Wednesday 14th February 2024 (7.30pm)

2000 Years of British Coinage

Colin Clay

Wednesday 13th March 2024 (7.30pm)

3D Slides of Leamington Spa

Dr Bob Pryce

Wednesday 10th April 2024 (7.30pm)

AGM followed by All Roads Lead to Rome – Alan Godfrey

Wednesday 8th May 2024 (time TBC)

Tour of Harbury and visit to Harbury Heritage Centre

Past Events

  • Remembering old Southam
  • The St. Paul’s Watch
  • Family History and DNA
  • Restoration of Ladbrooke Church
  • Joseph Ashby’s Victorian Warwickshire
  • Warwick’s First Factory
  • Postcards of Coventry and further afield
  • Visit to Country Bygones Musuem, Marton
  • History of Kaye and Nelson Cement Works
  • Plague Pestilence and Pox
  • Stories behind Long Itchington War Memorial
  • Long Itchington Houses
  • Riot and Revolution
  • A Trip Down The River Avon c1900
  • Stand and Deliver – Notorious Highwaymen
  • Ladbroke Village Walk
  • Midland Murders – Infamous Cases from the Midlands
  • Why Medieval Coventry could not survive into the 20th Century
  • Early Photographs of Rugby and Surrounding Villages c1900
  • Bells and Bell Ringing
  • Upton House
  • Canals – a 1960’s tour of the Grand Union
  • A Pint of Ale – stories behind Southams’ Public Houses
  • Guided Tour – the stories behind Southams Public Houses
  • Ridge and Furrow
  • Thornley
  • Victorian & Edwardian Photographs in Warwickshire
  • Drovers Roads
  • The River Avon from its source
  • Bandages and Fesh Air: The Story of the Grange V.A.D Hospital
  • Dear Mother: Humour & Sentiment in WW1
  • Memorial & Memories
  • Development of the Police and Law Enforcement
  • Life under the Romans
  • Dr. Smorfitt’s Medical Bag
  • The River Severn Story
  • Southam Bobbies – 100 Years of Southam Police
  • St. Mary’s Church, Warwick
  • Coventry in WW1
  • Agricultural Migration (From This Ground)
  • 3d Slides of Leamington Spa
  • Railways Around Rugby
  • “Finds” in Long Itchington – Warwick Metal Detecting Club
  • “Back Tracks” Detecting the Past
  • Guided Walk around Kineton.